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Filter categories

Category denotes organisation size taken from 2013 OECD DAC CRS data

Very Large = ≥ 10,000 (mUS$)
Large = 5000 – 9999
Medium = 1000 – 4999
Small = 100 – 999

Category denotes major classification of donor. Organisations may fall under more than one Type, but the main one has been selected.

Multilateral = Multilateral institutions, such as the World Bank and UNICEF, pool aid from one or more sources for disbursal to different recipients.
Bilateral = Bilateral institutions, such as USAID, operate on a government to government basis to implement their aid programmes.
EU = Member states and institutions of the European Union
OECD DAC = Development Assistance Committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Non-DAC = Organisation that reports to the the OECD but is not a member of the DAC

Category denotes government or organisation-wide transparency commitments that apply to institutions. These may fall under more than one Commitment.

OGP = Open Government Partnership
IATI= International Aid Transparency Initiative
G8 = Group of 8 or Group of 7
Busan = Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation