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Donor selection

The 2016 Index assesses 46 organisations, including 29 bilateral agencies, 16 multilateral organisations and one philanthropic organisation.

Organisations were selected using three criteria, of which they have to meet a minimum of two:

  • They are a large donor (annual spend is more than USD 1bn);
  • They have a significant role and influence as a major aid agency and engagement with the Busan agenda;
  • They are an institution to which government or organisation-wide transparency commitments apply, for example, members of the G7 or all U.S. agencies.

The list of organisations included in the 2016 Index has been revised. We have reviewed our criteria for donor selection and decided to concentrate on fewer, bigger donors, as well as those that are instrumental to advancing the course of aid transparency. For this reason, the 2016 Index includes 46 donors, accounting for 98% of ODF between them.

We are including one new donor this year: the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The growing influential role the UAE is playing in international development highlights the wider potential for the post-2015 Agenda and the importance of transparency in an ever evolving environment.