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Disaggregated Budget

The organisation’s annual forward planning budget for assistance is the disaggregated budget that the organisation or agency will spend on different countries, programmes and institutions per year, for at least the next three years. The figure could be indicative.

Scores are awarded on the basis of the number of years (up to three years) for which organisations are publishing budget information. Each year ahead is worth 33.33 points out of a total possible score of 100. Aggregate budgets of between 2–3 years are scored the same as 1 year forward budgets.

Both country budgets and thematic budgets are accepted for organisations that prioritise their work by countries. Projected figures disaggregated along thematic and sectoral priorities, at a near similar level of detail to total organisation budgets are accepted. IFIs and DFIs sometimes publish “road maps” which contain this information.

The start and end date for forward budgets are calculated based on organisations’ fiscal years for information collected via the survey. Budgets need to run up to a minimum of December 2016 to score for ‘three years forward’. Organisations at the end of their fixed budget cycles and therefore without a published budget for the next three years do not receive points for this indicator.

Forward Spending Survey data reported to the OECD DAC is taken into account only if it is available for the specific organisation under assessment.

The score for this indicator is graduated based on format and number of years for which data is provided.