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Budget ID

The budget classification is a way of linking the activity to the recipient country government’s own budget codes. There are two parts to this indicator. The administrative classification can either be provided as the budget codes themselves, or as a common code that can map from a donor organisation’s detailed purpose codes to the recipient country’s functional or administrative budget classifications. In addition, the economic classification provides the percentage of the budget that is capital versus current expenditure.

This indicator is retained for all organisations in the Index.

The budget identifier helps to explain aid flows in the context of the recipient government’s own budget. It does not relate only to those flows that are direct to the government (“on budget”), but also to other flows which may relate to the government’s own budget. In cases where the organisation is only providing private sector investment, budget classifications are still possible. Such activities could, for example, be classified as current expenditure under the microfinance and financial services function.

The score for this indicator is graduated based on format.