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Further Findings – #10.

Delivery on implementation schedule commitments
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Implementation schedules are one of the critical elements of the Busan common standard. They set out in detail an organisation’s intentions to publish information about their development cooperation in accordance with the common standard. The schedules also provide a mechanism for tracking the extent to which organisations are on or off track with the timelines and delivery targets they have set for themselves. All the schedules for donors who have published them to date can be accessed here.

Of the 68 organisations included in the 2014 ATI, 52 have published implementation schedules, committing to publishing anywhere between 98% and 6% of assessed fields in IATI. Mapping commitments against the findings of the 2014 ATI on publication status reveals that while the majority of commitments are being met, a significant number of organisations have missed the deadlines they committed to. There also seems to be some conflation between general publication and publishing to the IATI Standard, as some organisations are publishing the information on their websites or other sources but not directly to IATI.

IATI publication: Thirty of the 37 organisations that committed to publishing to IATI in their schedules have met this commitment. Belgium and Norway stated in their initial schedules that they would publish in 2013. Norway was expected to publish by the end of 2014. Five organisations have committed to publishing to IATI by the end of 2015: Czech Republic, Korea, France MINEFI, Slovakia.

Forward budgets: Six of the 23 organisations which committed to publishing organisation budgets have missed the deadline they set themselves (New Zealand, Global Fund, Norway, Germany BMZ, UK FCO, Belgium) and three have started publishing, but not in IATI. Similarly five of the 17 who committed to publishing recipient country budgets by 2013 have so far failed to deliver on this commitment (EC enlarge, France AFD, IADB, Norway, Germany BMZ).

Results: Only 15 organisations have committed to publishing this information. EC DEVCO and Irish Aid have missed the deadlines they set themselves, while Belgium, Korea and New Zealand plan to publish results by the end of 2015.

Activity documents: Only half of the 25 organisations that committed to publishing activity documents are publishing this information in IATI. Of these, seven are planning to publish before the end of 2015 and five have missed the deadline they committed to.

Commitments to publish in IATIOrganisations with missed targets Commitment to publish by December 2015
Initial publication to IATINorwayCzech Republic, Korea, France MINEFI, Slovakia
Forward-looking organisation budgetsNew Zealand, Global Fund, Norway, Germany BMZ, UK FCO, BelgiumCzech Republic, Slovakia, Italy
Forward-looking recipient country budgetsEC ELARG, France AFD, IADB, Norway, Germany BMZNone
ResultsEC DEVCO and IrishBelgium, Korea, New Zealand
Activity documentsNew Zealand, EC FPI, EC ECHO, France AFD, UNICEFEC DEVCO, EC ELARG, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Korea, Italy, Belgium