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22. Who actually uses IATI data?

Now that an increasing amount of information is being published to IATI, the challenge is to encourage wide-ranging use of the data. At Publish What You Fund, we use IATI data in the Index to measure whether and to what extent donors are delivering on their promise to make their aid transparent. The case studies developed in the 2014 and 2016 Index reports as well as the 2015 EU and U.S. Aid Transparency Reviews highlight examples of data use. For instance, the Netherlands is using its own information for internal management and reporting purposes and is working with two of its partner organisations publishing to IATI in order to stimulate exchange and learning, with the longer-term aim of including open data throughout its supply chains. The pilot studies on data use by partner countries, conducted by organisations such as USAID highlights existing data gaps and ways in which information can be made more useful. The Aid effectiveness project in Bangladesh is one of the most recent examples of IATI data import into Aid Information Management System of a partner country. Similar initiatives have or are taking place in other countries such as Senegal or Cote d’Ivoire. Together, these initiatives hold great promise for unlocking the potential of IATI.