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16. How did you score data formats? Why are 22 indicators scored on format and others not?

There are 39 indicators in total, of which three measure commitment to aid transparency and 36 measure the publication of information. The scoring methodology for the publication-level indicators takes into account the comparability and accessibility of information. For 22indicators, data published in PDF format scores lower than data published in Excel, CSV or IATI XML formats. Data that is published in the most open, comparable format of IATI XML and is available via the IATI Registry can score up to 100% for certain indicators, depending on quality and frequency of publication.

For 14 other indicators, the scoring approach recognises that format is not so important – an annual report published in PDF is much the same as an annual report published on a webpage. However, the inclusion of links to such PDF documents in an organisation’s IATI data is more valuable – especially at the activity level – as it makes them easier to locate and identify than documents available just on the organisation’s website. Therefore documents made available via links through IATI are scored higher than documents available through other sources.