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Category Archive: Recommendation

  1. If you don’t have data, demand it

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    Aid is getting more transparent, but there is a long way to go. Governments and civil society need to work together to identify the biggest gaps and help to close them.

    We also know that development is moving beyond aid. So we are calling for donors to make humanitarian aid, climate finance and development finance transparent as well.

  2. If you have data, use it

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    There’s more and more data out there. Use it, and tell us what is still missing.

    For publishers with good data, that means using open data yourself, sharing information with your country offices, parliamentarians and journalists, so they can hold you to account.

    For partner governments, that means incorporating data published in the IATI Standard into your aid management system, and joining that data with budget information.

    For civil society organisations, that means adapting and using the data both for your activities and to hold governments to account. For activists, that means using data to fight corruption, and to tackle waste and duplication.

  3. If you produce data, publish it

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    Transparency applies to everyone.

    Publishers should recognise the right to information enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals, and publish more and better data on the growing range of aid and development related activities.

    Talk to each other to share good practice and lessons. Ask the IATI Secretariat for technical support, and use the IATI Standard as an opportunity to strengthen your management systems and improve accountability.