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Toward a Global Open Aid Map: Lightning Talks Hangout

As part of Global Transparency Week 2013, the Open Aid Partnership and Publish What You Fund held a ‘Lightning Talks’ event, where speakers around the globe gave a series of short presentations demonstrating the power of using open development data to inform decisions and improve results.

The speakers in La Paz, Lilongwe, Nairobi, Kathmandu, Washington DC, and other locations connected through Hangout On Air and their lightning talks (short, 5-minute presentations) were followed online by anyone. Successful examples of aid transparency were showcased, with a focus on the geography of aid as well as country-owned data reported by partner governments.

These were all the speakers and topics, and where in the video you can see them speaking:

World Bank Group: Welcome & Introduction (0-2 min)
Marie Sheppard, Practice Manager, Innovation Labs
Rachel Winter Jones, Senior Communications Officer & Moderator

Open Aid Partnership: Putting Development on the Map (2-8 min)
Johannes Kiess, Operations Officer & Pernilla Näsfors, Development Data Specialist

Publish What You Fund: The 2013 Aid Transparency Index and Geographic Data (8-11 min)
Mark Brough, Aid Information Advisor

Bolivia: Bolivia Open Aid Map (13-16 min)
Viviana Caro Hinojosa, Minister of Development Planning, Plurinational State of Bolivia

Kenya: Kenya Open Aid Map (16-22 min)
Peter M. Kamau, Assistant Director, National Treasury, Government of Kenya

Q&A (22-26 min)

Honduras: Increasing Demand of Aid Information (27-31 min)
Hector Corrales, Director of International Cooperation, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

Nepal: Nepal Aid Management Platform & Open Nepal Initiative (36-43 min)
YouTube video:
Madhu Kumar Marasini, Joint Secretary, IECCD, Ministry of Finance
Hum Prasad Bhandari, Information, Communication & Documentation Officer, NGO Federation of Nepal
Krishna Sapkota, Executive Director, Freedom Forum
Narayan Adhikari, Nepal Country Representative, Accountability Lab
Bibhusan Bista, CEO, Young Innovations (40-43 min)

Colombia: The reality of development cooperation at national and local level: The Colombian Experience (43-51 min)
Juanita Olarte Suescun, General Direction Adviser, Colombian Presidential Agency of International Cooperation

Malawi: Malawi Aid Management Platform and Open Development Policy Workshop (51-56 min)
Elizabeth Dodds, Aid Effectiveness Specialist, World Bank Group

AidData: Contracting and Results Geocoding Pilot in Nepal (0:57-1:03)
Owen Scott, Associate, Development Gateway

USAID: USAID GeoCenter and AidData Center for Development Policy (1:03-1:08)
Shadrock Roberts, Principal GIS Analyst

Q&A (1:08-1:16)

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC): Open Data Catalogue and MCC in XML (1:16-1:19)
Alicia Phillips Mandaville, Managing Director, Development Policy

Department for International Development (DFID), UK: Development Tracker (1:19-1:23)
John Adams, Head of Business Innovation

InterAction: NGO Aid Map (1:23-1:27)
Julie Montgomery, Director for Innovation and Learning

Q&A (1:28-1:30)

Gapminder Foundation: New effort to visualize subnational data (1:30-1:38)
Fernanda Drumond, Development Data Assistant

UNDP: Opening up the United Nations (1:39-1:44)
Mark Cardwell, Chief, Online Communications

Q&A (1:44-1:57)

CCAPS & Innovations for Peace and Development, University of Texas: Sustaining and Evaluating Aid Transparency (1:58-2:04)
Kate Weaver, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin